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MicroMite Explore 64 Version 1F - FULLY ASSEMBLED MODULE


This is the latest version 1F module.  It has a 1455 interface included on-board, so you can directly connect to USB without the need for the daughter-board, and with the aid of a free programming software, you can program any new version of MMBASIC into the module without needing anything other then the utility and a USB cable.

It is designed around a four-layer PCB, and includes footprints for the common W25Q SPI memory chips, as well as a Microchip UNIO chip in SOT-23.  Neither of these are supplied by defualt, but can easily be added by the constructor if wanted.  Standard Explore-64 functions remain the same, the most obvious included feature being the inclusion of the 1455 interface without the need for an add-on daughterboard.

Supplied fully assembled and tested.

US$80 including airmail to anywhere on the planet.
COVID19 has resulted in the price of this item increasing slightly due to post-virus inflation..

Built to order with a lead-time of approximately one week.


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