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This page contains all the MicroMite products and kits available from Rictech.

If you are a New Zealand customer, please Contact us directly, for slightly cheaper prices, as all prices listed here are aimed at an international audience and include international shipping costs that can be avoided for any New Zealand customers reading this.....

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28-pin DIL or SOIC MicroMite-2 MCU(micro-controller unit)

This is the 28-pin MCU pre-programmed with the latest MMBASIC firmware for the MicroMite-2.
Available in 28-pin DIL or SOIC packages.  Please state which package you want in your order.  $7.50 including airmail for the SOIC anywhere on the planet.  DIL is $12.  Postage out of New Zealand is expensive once you get thicker then about 10mm.... :(

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MicroMite Explore-28 module

LATEST MODEL!!!   Version 1C.

This is a fully assembled E28 module.  The module contains a USB interface, and you can program the firmware into the chip(SOIC on the 1C) at the heart of the module, using just this module itself, and pic32prog ASCII programmer tool.  The MicroMite itself can also be used to update the code in the USB interface chip, making for one complete, simple, cheap solution.  More photos of the 1C will be added soon.

Designed to be the same size as an Arduino Nano, it is only 38mm x 17mm in size.

Driver files are now available for this module for use under Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
You must have SP3 installed on your XP machine.  Unzip the files, and run the driver installation tool exe file.  You can download the ZIP file from our Downloads page.  This driver will not work with versions of Windows earlier then XP.  Both 32-bit and 64-bit XP drivers are included.  This driver may also be used with Windows 7 and Windows 8.  Windows 10 has native support for this USB chip, so no drivers are needed for Windows 10 machines.  Linux users should not need any driver, as Linux should see this module as a USB-serial adaptor, and locate it under /dev.  Usually shows up as /dev/ttyACM0 then you can talk to it using Minicom.

US$12 including airmail to anywhere.

MicroMite Explore 100 - FULL KIT OF PARTS

This is a full kit of parts for Geoff's Explore-100 TFT board.  It includes everything you need to assemble a fully operational board.  The kit includes the four-layer PCB, and THE SURFACE-MOUNT PARTS HAVE BEEN FITTED FOR YOU so you don't have to worry about soldering these if you are not too keen on SMD.  The PIC32MX470F512L (whew!) QFP chip at the heart of this product is the 120MHz part, and it comes pre-programmed with the latest version of MMBASIC, so once you assemble the kit, the unit is ready to use right away - no HEX file programming or PICkit3 required.

The latest model(version 1D) includes an optional 1455 USB connection to the MM Console, and it's built-in ICSP so you can program the PIC32 chip WITHOUT a PicKit-3 or Microchip's IPE!  All you need is the free pic32prog utility to easily upgrade the MM firmware.  The 1D boards also now include a micro-SD card slot on-board, so no more need for CON10 or the external add-on SD card kit, and said kit is not supported on the 1D circuit boards.  If you want the optional 1455 chip, please add that to your shopping cart from the options above - select the DIL version to suit the 1D E100 board used in this kit.  Otherwise, you can use the standard console connection or a CP2102 USB module if preferred.  The footprint is still provided for those wishing to continue to use those.  DO NOT TRY TO USE BOTH THE 1455 CHIP AND THE CP2102 AT THE SAME TIME!  That will not work.  You must choose to use one or the other.

The board with the pre-fitted SMD will be supplied sealed in an anti-static bag, and constructors are reminded that full anti-static precautions need to be observed when handling this board outside of it's static sheilding bag.  Incorrect handling of the board or assembly of this kit is not covered by any warranty offered by Rictech Ltd.

The kit DOES NOT include the 5" LCD module.  These can be had very easily from eBay or AliExpress for about US$50 including shipping - search for 5" TFT SSD1963.

This kit DOES NOT include the RTC & MEMORY module, the Piezo for the touch-click or the USB-Serial module for above CON6 as these are optional extras.

Shipping Options:

MicroMite Explore 100 - Blank PCB

MicroMite Explore 100 - Blank PCB

This is the blank four-layer PCB for Geoff's Explore-100 TFT module.

NOTE: If you are just ordering this PCB (and no other products), AND you are based in UK or Europe, then please visit our  UK based partner who will have shorter delivery timescales, and lower shipping costs (when compared to despatch from our main New Zealand Warehouse).  

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MicroMite Plus Explore 64 - FULL KIT OF PARTS

MicroMite Plus Explore 64 - FULL KIT OF PARTS

This is a full kit of parts to build the complete module.  It includes a blank PCB and all parts needed for you to assemble a fully functional unit.  Please note that you will need to program the PIC32 chip once assembled, and you will need a PicKit-3 or the ASCII ICSP programmer unit for this - the chip supplied is a virgin IC, and does not come pre-programmed.  The PIC32 supplied will be the 120MHz part.  This kit requires that you have suitable SMD(surface-mount device) soldering ability, and the pin spacing on the PIC32 chip is 0.5mm, so you need to be comfortable soldering this pin-pitch before you should consider buying the kit of parts.  Correct anti-static handling procedures are also essential to prevent damage to the PIC32 TQFP chip.  If you are in any doubt about your ability to assemble this kit, please buy the fully assembled, programmed and tested module instead.


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MicroMite Plus Explore 64 - ASSEMBLED MODULE

This is a fully assembled and tested MM+ module, pre-programmed with the latest version of the firmware, and is ready to use directly out of the box.

Shipping Options:

MicroMite Plus Explore 64 - Blank PCB(panel of three)

MicroMite Plus Explore 64 - Blank PCB(panel of three)

A panel of three blank MM+ PCB's for building the MicroMite Plus Explore 64 module.
The boards sent will always be the most up to date version.  Current version of this board is 1C.

Shipping Options:

E100 and Micromite Backpack port tester PCB

E100 and Micromite Backpack port tester PCB

This PCB can be used to test that all the pins are intact and working correctly via LED's.  Designed to plug directly into the LCD port of an E100 board, or by flipping the board 180 degrees, you can also use it to check the connections on an SPI-LCD-based Micromite Backpack unit.  The backpack port tester can also be used to test ANY supported SPI LCD module with touch, but you will need to change the tester code to reflect you chosen pins.  This is just the PCB - you will need to supply the components: 4x 3k3 standard resistors, 29x super-bright LED's, 1x 40-pin(2x20) box-header(standard 2.54mm pitch), 1x pin-strip(14w).  Use 1k resistors instead of 3k3 if you are using standard LED's.  MMBASIC code to run this tester on an E100 or Micromte Backpack can be downloaded from our Downloads page.

US$6 including airmail to anywhere.

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