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This is the GENUINE HC12 module, sourced from the hc01 factory in China.  Guaranteed not to be a clone or fake module as is the case with many of the listings on eBay or AliExpress these days.  Clone modules are off-spec with their frequency, and will not operate correctly in the same network as other genuine HC12 modules becasue of this frequency error.  To be sure you are using the genuine article and have the minimum number of problems with your HC12 network, purchase only original modules sourced from the manufacturer.

For details on the problems with the clone HC12 modules and the problems they can cause for you, please see this forum thread:

Each module comes complete with small helical antenna.

US$10 each including airmail shipping to anywhere.  GENUINE ARTICLE.  
Please contact us for bulk discount if you want more then ten.

COVID19 has resulted in the price of this item increasing due to the global economy downturn.

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