Rictech Limited


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RICTECH specializes in several forms of emergency call button/nurse-call systems, and can build a system to suit a client's specific requirements.  


We offer annunciator type systems which speak a room number when the button is pressed.  The wireless nature of the designs, means no expensive cable installing is needed.
The smaller annunciator systems are self-contained and portable, can use up to eight pendant buttons(soon to be expanded to 15 as standard), and can be placed anywhere there is going to be staff members to be able to respond to the messages when a resident presses a button.


We also offer full wireless nursecall systems that can cover an entire rest-home, or retirement village.  These are much bigger systems, and can have several hundred buttons on them.  Details for each resident are stored on a central database, which the staff can edit at any time.  These systems can transmit to belt pagers(with a site transmitter license from Radio Spectrum Management), or they can be configured to send all messages to standard cell-phones as text messages.

We offer different versions of these systems, customized to meet client requirements and needs.  ALL systems employ fully automatic battery backup, and will continue to operate in the event of a power cut.  Please contact us for an obligation free estimate for your establishment.  We currently only supply these systems to the New Zealand market.

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