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This unit can decode transmissions from most FOB transmitters, including the common 1527 and 2262/2264 encoders often found in wireless FOB buttons or other wireless transmitters these days.  The code automatically deals with the white-noise on the receiver data output when there is no valid data.  The IRQ line is pulsed for 100mS when a valid data packet is received and decoded, to signal to the host system that data has been received, although, most modern MCU's UART buffers can deal with this without needing an IRQ line, but as there are plenty of spare pins on the MM2 in this application......why not! ;)  Please note that this unit CANNOT decode transmitters based on Microchip's HCS300 encoder.  We might add support to this in a future MMBASIC code release, but it is not currently planned.

The DIL switch can select between various output mode or serial baud-rates.  Output formats are numeric, ASCII-HEX and ASCII-binary.  Baud-rate is selectable between 2400 and 9600 to suit most microcontrollers.

The heart of the decoder was written by Robert Rozee' of PIC32PROG and GFXterm fame, and is used with permission.  Thank you Rob!  You can CTRL-C into the code via the USB console, to examine how it works.

The unit comes fully assembled, programmed and ready to use.  The source MMBASIC code is available on request, but the easiest way to get it, is to CTRL-C into the running board via the USB interface, and simply copy the code out of the chip. :)  The MMBASIC code for this decoder unit is freeware.

The antenna input is a standard SMA female.


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