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HC-12 Tester/Programmer - Full Kit Of Parts

A kit of parts to build the HC-12 tester/programmer PCB.  The PCB is 50mm square, and includes an on-board USB-serial adaptor chip and USB socket.  All SMD are fitted for you, so no SMD soldering required.  Simply assemble the remaining through-hole parts to the board, plug into your PC/Laptop/MAC/Linux machine and it will show up as a serial port.  Use the E28 module USB Driver from our Downloads page, if needed.

Use this board to easily program or test any HC-12 module.   One of the photos shows an HC-12 module sitting in the jig, but this HC-12 module is NOT included, it is only for illustrative purposes.  The female header is used to test HC-12 modules that have had right-angled pin-strips fitted to them.

Kit contains 2xPCB(with SMD pre-fitted for you), pogo-pins, LED's, slide-switches, female header, resistors, spacers, 3mm screws and instructions.  The bottom PCB is not assembled, but it is used to keep the pogo-pins square to the top PCB during assembly.

US$25 including shipping to anywhere on the planet.
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