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1455 DIL or SOIC USB-to-serial interface chip

This is a PIC16F1455 chip, pre-programmed with the USB-Serial code.  This chip also provides the ICSP feature, meaning that you can re-program a new HEX firmware into your favourite Micromite WITHOUT the need for a PicKit3 or the Microchip IPE.  All you need to program a new HEX file firmware, is an active USB connection and the correct connections to the target PIC32 device.  All PIC32 chips are supported, including the MM2, MM+ and MMX.  Chip only.  Will be supplied in a static-proof bag.  Please specify which one you want when purchasing.(DIL or SOIC)  Price will be $5 including airmail postage anywhere on the planet for SOIC, or $10 for the DIL(as it exceeds the thickness limit for a DLE envelope).  Please contact us for bulk discount shipping on the DIL package.  Unfortunately, postage out of New Zealand is expensive if thicker then about 10mm..... :(
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