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This is the GENUINE HC12 module, sourced from the hc01 factory in China.  Guaranteed not to be a clone or fake module as is the case with many of the listings on eBay or AliExpress these days.  Clone modules are off-spec with their frequency, and will not operate correctly in the same network as other genuine HC12 modules becasue of this frequency error.  To be sure you are using the genuine article and have the minimum number of problems with your HC12 network, purchase only original modules sourced from the manufacturer.

For details on the problems with the clone HC12 modules and the problems they can cause for you, please see this forum thread:

Each module comes complete with small helical antenna.

US$5 each.  Please contact us for bulk discount if you want more then twenty.

HC-12 Tester/Programmer - Full Kit Of Parts

A kit of parts to build the HC-12 tester/programmer PCB.  The PCB is 50mm square, and includes an on-board USB-serial adaptor chip and USB socket.  All SMD are fitted for you, so no SMD soldering required.  Simply assemble the remaining through-hole parts to the board, plug into your PC/Laptop/MAC/Linux machine and it will show up as a serial port.  Use the E28 module USB Driver from our Downloads page, if needed.

Use this board to easily program or test any HC-12 module.   One of the photos shows an HC-12 module sitting in the jig, but this HC-12 module is NOT included, it is only for illustrative purposes.  The female header is used to test HC-12 modules that have had right-angled pin-strips fitted to them.

Kit contains 2xPCB(with SMD pre-fitted for you), pogo-pins, LED's, slide-switches, female header, resistors, spacers, 3mm screws and instructions.  The bottom PCB is not assembled, but it is used to keep the pogo-pins square to the top PCB during assembly.

US$25 including shipping to anywhere on the planet.

1455 DIL or SOIC USB-to-serial interface chip

This is a PIC16F1455 chip, pre-programmed with the USB-Serial code.  This chip also provides the ICSP feature, meaning that you can re-program a new HEX firmware into your favourite Micromite WITHOUT the need for a PicKit3 or the Microchip IPE.  All you need to program a new HEX file firmware, is an active USB connection and the correct connections to the target PIC32 device.  All PIC32 chips are supported, including the MM2, MM+ and MMX.  Chip only.  Will be supplied in a static-proof bag.  Please specify which one you want when purchasing.(DIL or SOIC)  Price will be $5 including airmail postage anywhere on the planet for SOIC, or $10 for the DIL(as it exceeds the thickness limit for a DLE envelope).  Please contact us for bulk discount shipping on the DIL package.  Unfortunately, postage out of New Zealand is expensive if thicker then about 10mm..... :(

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